Feed-Artikel: Drupalwebsites

Telenet using Drupal for knowledge base

10. Dezember 2010

Telenet, the largest provider of broadband cable services in Belgium, wants happy customers, and customers are happy when they can solve any problems or answer any questions concerning a company's products on their own, or by simply calling a friendly helpful client advisor.

Garmin using Drupal

30. November 2010

Garmin, the satellite navigation company, is using Drupal for their Danish site: http://garmin.dk.

Tate using Drupal

27. Oktober 2010

Turbinegeneration is a new online community that allows students in schools around the world to contribute, comment and rate each other's artwork.

Commonwealth Games using Drupal

13. Oktober 2010

Though the games have only one more day to go (they were from October 3rd to October 14th this month), the XIX Commonwealth Games website runs on Drupal, and looks great.

RestoreTheGulf.gov using Drupal in the cloud

12. Oktober 2010

The U.S. government recently launched a new Drupal website,
RestoreTheGulf.gov, to provide information about the environmental catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico from the oil spill earlier this year and announced plans to phase out the current disaster response.

Teach.gov using Drupal

6. Oktober 2010

The U.S. Department of Education just launched a new micro-site built on Drupal: teach.gov. At teach.gov you can learn what it's like to be a teacher and get the tools you need to launch your own career in education.

The site looks surprisingly crisp and modern for a government site, don't you think?

University of Washington at Tacoma adopts Drupal

6. Oktober 2010

If you look at the source of University of Washington at Tacoma's new site, you'll immediately notice it's running Drupal. What's not immediately apparent, however, is the path they took to get it in place.

Rafael Nadal using Drupal

16. September 2010

Rafael Nadal is currently ranked the number one tennis player in the world, and is regarded by many as one of the greatest tennis players of all time. Last weekend, he won the U.S. Open. Not only does he have a violently torqued topspin forehand, he also has a bad ass content management system for his official website. His official site is serving with Drupal at http://www.rafaelnadal.com. (Hat tip: Usamah)

Best Buy using Drupal

14. September 2010

Best Buy, one of the biggest retailers of consumer electronics in the United States is using Drupal for their mobile magazine website: http://www.bestbuymobile.com/. Best Buy earns 50 billion USD in revenues and has over 180,000 employees. Needless to say, this is a big enterprise adopting Drupal.