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City of Athens using Drupal

10. März 2010

The City of Athens has launched a new Drupal site to serve as its official website, along with a Drupal-based site at that provides visitor and tourism information.

Drupal goes to Mars

24. Februar 2010

Drupal goes to Mars, or rather, Drupal helps us go to Mars ... eventually. NASA's Mars Space Flight Facility at Arizona State University is doing a lot of advanced work with Drupal. They have a number of Drupal sites, each with a different purpose, but all used to share information about Mars as discovered by ASU's THEMIS camera on the Mars Odyssey orbiter. using Drupal

24. Februar 2010

The official website for the Mayor of London and the Greater London Authority is using Drupal. Check out because it is a great site! Every major city deserves such a site. ;)

Jamaican Prime Minister using Drupal

27. Januar 2010

The website of Bruce Golding, the Prime Minister of Jamaica is using Drupal: see Ya man! using Drupal

21. Januar 2010

Web founder Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Professor Nigel Shadbolt unveiled today. The new website offers public sector data, ranging from traffic statistics to crime figures, for private or commercial use. It is designed to be similar to the Obama administration's project, run by Vivek Kundra, Chief Information Officer in the US.

King of Belgium goes Drupal

21. Dezember 2009

Following hot on the heels of US President Barack Obama,
Albert II, King of the Belgians, just relaunched his website on Drupal. Check it out at The site was built by Connexion and Internet Architects.

British Government using Drupal

4. November 2009

The British Government is using Drupal on an innovation initiative to encourage developers and designers share new ideas and showcase their work: see Directgov’s main site, is the official government website for citizens. It provides information and services from across government organizations. using Drupal

25. Oktober 2009

Big, exciting news! The flag ship website of the U.S. government,, just relaunched on Drupal. This is a big day for Drupal, and for Open Source in government, and something all of us in the community should be very proud of.

Australian Prime Minister using Drupal

20. Juli 2009

The website of Kevin Michael Rudd, the Prime Minister of Australia is using Drupal: see Go Aussies!