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Christina Aguilera using Drupal

25. Mai 2010

Christina Aguilera just relaunched her website using Drupal: The site is developed by Sony Music, and is one of the better looking Drupal sites that I have seen Sony Music launch. No pun intended! Welcome to the family, Christina!

NVidia using Drupal

26. Januar 2010

NVidia recently launched their new Tegra developer community on Drupal. See The announcement of the latest Tegra 2 chipset was one of the major news items at CES earlier this month.

Linux Journal using Drupal and Mollom

23. November 2009

Linux Journal is a monthly magazine focused specifically on Linux. Linux Journal switched to Drupal in 2005, and hasn't looked back since. Last year in October of 2008 Linux Journal decided to turn to Mollom to protect their site against spammers.

The Industry Standard using Drupal and Mollom

3. November 2009

The online media industry continues to face readership and revenue challenges. They are burdened with the task of not only providing the content but gaining more user interaction in the form of reader comments. Comments by readers are beneficial to sites because they show created readership and mean more eyeballs to that particular page or article. For publishers, more eyeballs means more revenue.

Jacksonville using Drupal

3. Juni 2009

Jacksonville, the largest city in Florida, is using Drupal (and Mollom) at The Florida Times-Union is the major daily newspaper in Jacksonville and is its official website. Cool!

Harvard using Drupal

25. Mai 2009

I recently learned about the fact that the Berkman Center for Internet and Society is using Drupal. The Berkman Center for Internet and Society is a research center founded at Harvard Law School whose fellows included internet gurus like David Weinberger, John Perry Barlow, Dave Winer, Jimmy Wales, Doc Searls and many more.

Gamezebo using Drupal

27. April 2009

Gamezebo is using Drupal and Mollom to power its game community. For those who don't know, Gamezebo is a Webby Award-nominated website that focuses on editorial coverage of the "casual games industry". The site is founded by industry veteran Joel Brodie, former head of business development at Yahoo! Games, and has an editorial staff that has written for publications like USA Today, CNN, and the New York Times.

Michael Jackson using Drupal

6. März 2009

Not only is there a new tour, but, the official site for fans of the King of Pop, has just re-launched, featuring some new community-oriented features and some old-school graphics from back in the day. was built using Drupal by the good folks at Sony Music. They are also using Mollom to protect against comment and forum post spam.

World Food Programme using Drupal

29. Januar 2009

The United Nations is using Drupal (and Mollom) for the World Food Programme. The World Food Programme is the world's largest humanitarian organization. With almost 12,000 people working for the World Food Programme, their food assistance reaches an average of 100 million people in 80 countries every year.