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Digg using Drupal

9. August 2010

Social news website Digg (ranked 116th by Alexa) is using Drupal for their corporate micro-site and blog: Cool! switches to Drupal; traffic doubles within months

7. April 2010

Last week I met with IPC Media in London. With magazines like Nuts, NME, Marie Claire, Country Life and many more, IPC Media is one of the UK's leading publishers.

Le Figaro using Drupal

22. Februar 2010

Le Figaro, the oldest and second-largest national newspaper in France, started using Drupal for its social features on It is still using its old web content management system to serve its main content, but all of the social features such as comments on articles are now provided by Drupal.

Forbes Russia using Drupal

3. Dezember 2009

The website of the Russian Forbes magazine was recently redesigned using Drupal. Ypa, ypa, ypa!

BBC using Drupal

2. Dezember 2009

BBC Magazines is the magazine publishing division of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Turns out that they have a number of magazine websites built on Drupal:

Linux Journal using Drupal and Mollom

23. November 2009

Linux Journal is a monthly magazine focused specifically on Linux. Linux Journal switched to Drupal in 2005, and hasn't looked back since. Last year in October of 2008 Linux Journal decided to turn to Mollom to protect their site against spammers.

The Industry Standard using Drupal and Mollom

3. November 2009

The online media industry continues to face readership and revenue challenges. They are burdened with the task of not only providing the content but gaining more user interaction in the form of reader comments. Comments by readers are beneficial to sites because they show created readership and mean more eyeballs to that particular page or article. For publishers, more eyeballs means more revenue.

Reuters using Drupal

12. Oktober 2009

Anyone who reads the news knows that Reuters is a major news agency; in fact, it is the world's largest international multimedia news agency.

CNN using Drupal

9. Oktober 2009

Cable news network CNN just released into beta, fully developed with Drupal. CNNgo
is a guide to six of Asia's greatest cities. What is interesting about the site is that they are looking to complement their professional editors with local bloggers, opinion makers, and the very people that form the soul of these cities.

Edipresse blowing love kisses at Drupal

16. Juni 2009

Pierre-Jean Duvivier, Head of WebFactory at Edipresse, shared some remarkable data points with me. Edipresse is one of Europe's biggest media and communications companies. It is a traditional print company that publishes more than 200 titles, including some leading European newspapers (i.e. Le Matin, Le Temps, and 24 heures).