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Le Figaro using Drupal

22. Februar 2010

Le Figaro, the oldest and second-largest national newspaper in France, started using Drupal for its social features on It is still using its old web content management system to serve its main content, but all of the social features such as comments on articles are now provided by Drupal.

Randstad using Drupal

21. April 2009

Randstad, a company providing temporary and permanent employment HR services, is using Drupal for their French site:
Randstad is the second largest HR services provider in the world and has major positions in over 50 countries. Randstad is listed on the Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange. If you're looking for Drupal work, they might have a job opening ...

Brico Depot using Drupal

25. Februar 2009

All of our French friends know Brico Depot as a big chain of DIY stores. Well, they are using Drupal now!